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A little bit about Tonylou Productions & Tours

  Founded by Marylou Ambrose & Tony Schwartz,  Tonylou Productions & Tours has been entertaining audiences and planning group trips for nearly two decades, providing some of the finest dinner theater shows in the Poconos and Northeastern Pennsylvania. What began as a community theater company, "The Lakeside Players," quickly grew into a full-time business. Along with dinner theater, we also provide other types of entertainment, such as magicians, musical acts, impressionists, and stage hypnotists, ethnic festivals and rock & roll shows. A lot of our entertaining was for motor coach groups. And one day we decided, if we're going to entertain them, we may as well help plan their trip, too! And thus began Tonylou Tours. 

  And so, today, we do it all, doing our best to provide you with awesome entertainment and trips to Northeast PA, making memories that will last you a lifetime!  We look forward to greeting you when you arrive in Northeast PA! 

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